About Us

You are so very welcome to visit the gallery, to spend time viewing the art and simply to enjoy the exhibits. A varied programme of art workshops is planned, along with cultural and culinary events, and we would be delighted to see you at these events in the near future.

Blue & Berry Art Gallery, located near to Knutsford, is a carefully curated and progressive art space exhibiting the work of established artists from the North West and beyond, and debuting pieces by talented Fine Arts graduates.

The gallery building, with high ceilings supported structurally and aesthetically by green oak trusses and beams, is suffused with natural light which pours through the space, illuminating the artwork and enhancing our artists’ beautifully crafted pieces.

Each element of art or sculpture is thoughtfully displayed and a biography of individual artists is provided, offering insight into every craftsperson’s vision and passion for their art.

Our intention is to rotate exhibitions every eight weeks, with each preceded by a preview evening, where all attending may connect with the artists in a creative, stimulating and social setting.

We welcome everyone to Blue & Berry Art Gallery where we intend to create a warm and friendly environment for all those visiting. We are passionate about establishing genuine relationships between art enthusiasts, collectors and craftspeople, allowing our visitors to connect with the pieces displayed and the stories behind them to ensure that each purchase is a memorable and enjoyable experience for both artist and buyer.

Our Story

Blue & Berry, the first collaborative venture from artist and teacher Josie Clancy (BEd) and communications consultant Jess Flewitt (BAHons, Law, CIM), draws together many years of passion and experience to showcase the work of inspirational, established artists from the North West alongside talented graduates of Fine Arts.

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