“Vibrant colour can penetrate the unconscious mind, triggering unconscious thoughts, mapping inner states of the Self by making unconscious thoughts conscious..”


Notable academic achievements: Distinction, CSM MA Art & Science, The Slade School of Fine Art, LJMU Fine Art. Counselling & Psychotherapy, distinction. Previous career, award winning make up artist, film & TV.


  • Finally’, Ugly Duck, London, 2021.
  • Tate Exchange, Tate Modern, 2020.
  • The Walker Gallery, Tate Liverpool, 2018.
  • ‘Ok the Musical’, Tate Liverpool, 2017.
  • Solo exhibition, ‘The Fountain Gallery’ Hampton Court, 2006.

Louise Crawford

MA Art & Science CSM. Louise is an Abstract Expressionist painter who uses an accumulation of research, observation and commitment to uncovering links between the arts and social sciences, to form a platform of investigation into future collaborations. Interests lay in Einsteins approach to health through harmony of the body's complete electromagnetic systems, and the powerful effects of colour vibration.

Louise Crawford (b.1972) originally from Cheshire, travelled extensively throughout Europe, the US and South Africa gathering inspiration to spark her creativity. Interested in social sciences and how the powerful medium of paint binds us through connection, community, creativity and communication, Louise predominately works in oil paint.

Influenced by nature, colour and music embodied in abstract painting for the human qualities it possesses. “I enjoy the power of colour to map inner states of consciousness, and human touch through mark-making to affect mood through emotions, which still act as vital signals for survival. Interests lie in colour psychology and the human nervous system, which has barely changed in thousands of years. Altered modes of communication have, impacting our senses and systems through visceral responses to both fake and authentic words and images.”

The importance of social bonds to share ideas and underpin our place in the environment has a direct link to paintings role in human history, as an important mode of communication. I am interested in how we can reclaim the powerful beginnings of the tradition of painting as a tool, woven into the fabric of time.

Themes – Nature & environment/ colour, culture, consciousness/ emotions, memory, sense perception.



Madley In Love




Breaking Free

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