“My intricate photorealistic portraits are drawn onto delicate materials which are then subjected to a process that could potentially destroy them, reflecting the sometimes uneasy relationship we have between order and chaos. The unique, precarious and unpredictable techniques used to create my work can be seen as a metaphor of the acceptance of imperfection and also being aware that sometimes external factors have an influence on what we do and how we react.”


  • The Pastel Society Annual Exhibition 2021.
  • Care and Compassion.
  • Online exhibition 2021.
  • Society of Scottish Artists 30 x 30 Online Edition 2020.
  • The Discerning Eye annual exhibition 2020.
  • The Other Art Fair 2020.
  • The Hero Behind the Mask 2020.
  • Undivinable 2020.

Derek M Dick

Born 1963
BA (Hons) Fine Art

Derek graduated Wolverhampton University with a BA (Hons) Fine Art in 1986, followed by an MA in 1999. He taught Art in schools, colleges and universities before becoming a curator and exhibition designer, working at a number of museums and galleries including Tate Modern, London. His work, both in education and the arts and heritage sector, has been recognised with a number of national awards, most recently a Museum & Heritage Excellence Award and the Interpret Britain Award, both celebrating Derek’s work on temporary exhibitions at Warrington Museum and Art Gallery.

During his career within the museums and heritage sector, Derek devoted his time to developing audiences and encouraging engagement in the arts at all levels, whilst continuing to support and mentor emerging artists. Latterly, his work often revolved around working with young adults to explore and highlight, through engagement with the arts, some of the mental health issues and pressures faced by young people today. Derek created secure and creative outlets for expressing, as well as addressing, some of these issues.

Professional commitments as a curator drew Derek away from art practice, but in 2018, following a diagnosis of cancer, Derek made the decision to retire from curatorial work and return to practice. Indulging his love of people watching, photography and drawing as inspiration for his work, Derek is now back in the art studio.

Derek’s work has been exhibited at various galleries across the north west of England and resides in a number of private collections in both the UK and Europe.

The Gardener

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Dimensions 66 × 49 cm
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